Personal contacts between the ICOM family members worldwide

Our Goal

Stimulating personal contacts between the 4,000 Dutch ICOM members and their 33,000 ICOM Family members worldwide


This initiative is based on reciprocity. In joining this ‘family’ you express your willingness to grant the same favors you request from your Dutch colleagues

In this website you can contact your Dutch cousins. They will be happy to receive you in their museum, discuss museum topics or just have a coffee together.

Meet an ICOM local

This website will be a safe environment.

Your log in will be your ICOM number + year of birth.
Your information will not be shared with someone outside, your e-mail address will be hidden. Then you will be part of the family too…. and perhaps even meet other ICOM cousins from other countries.

Some tips for your safety:
– Do not give money
– Discuss professional topics
– Take care when sharing personal information
– A first personal meeting will be in a public place


Send an e-mail to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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